Since 1994

Nexus Alpha work in the Intelligent Transport Systems Sector and our involvement in IT systems relating to public transport allows our passion in technology to help drive both UK and international sustainability and inclusivity. This in turn helps us to improve people’s lives, providing information to millions of commuters and users of public transport each and every day.

We pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our clients where our systems can help improve efficiency and help our clients enhance the experiences of their own customers.

However, we are only interested in the excellent, not in the average – striving at all times to provide a premium service to clients, exceed expectations and create innovative yet reliable business-critical technology systems.

To provide the most advanced software solutions and data supply to our rail clients – helping them to improve their customer’s experience every day whilst driving a positive change in the use of public transport. 

Great British Railways marks a new era in the history of our railways. It will become a single familiar brand with a bold new vision for passengers – of punctual services, simpler tickets and a modern and green railway that meets the needs of the nation.

Grant Shapps - Transport Secretary

On 20 May 2021, the Government published Great British Railways: For the Passenger.

As a company, we’ve been supplying the UK rail industry since before privatisation with our original clients being the divisions of Network SouthEast, Regional Railways, and Intercity. As our systems evolved, so did UK rail, with the emergence of the franchise model and the train operating companies – and then for some time, Railtrack – this, before Network Rail took oversight of the rail infrastructure.

We continue to innovate with our customers and are excited about the opportunities the will come with a railway “for the passenger”.

Since its incorporation in the 1990s, Nexus Alpha and its sister company, Nexus Alpha Low Power Systems
(who produce inclusive, low power public information displays), have focused on providing systems and services that encourage and support the use of sustainable public transport.

As CO2 emissions continue to rise, bringing with them climate instability and rising temperatures, net zero remains a focus – though perhaps not as much as it really should be. The term ‘net zero’ means achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it. This balance – or net zero – will happen when the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed.

Technology can help.

Nexus Alpha LPS’s CHRONOS displays show the same departure information that a traditional LED sign can display – or indeed the same service information that a LCD TFT TV-style can display – it’s just that they use a fraction of the power of the competing technologies. So little power in fact, that they can work from locally generated power derived from solar panels, with in-built batteries ensuring consistent operation, even when there is less power available (shorter days in the winter and at night-time). We believe that our signage can help councils and the UK rail industry move toward net-zero faster.