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We’re the Number One provider of Intelligent Transport Information Systems for the UK Rail sector by providing State of the Art operational control room software and market leading customer information tools.

Nexus Alpha is focused on the UK Rail sector, with clients including Train Operating Companies and their owning groups as well as Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground, and light rail operators including Croydon Tramlink and Docklands Light Railway.

Nexus Alpha provides intelligent transport systems, services and apps which focus on the capture, analysis, distribution and presentation of rail disruption information.  With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Nexus Alpha has been at the leading edge of the customer information revolution in the public transport sector, delivering high-quality integrated products and services to transport operators, allowing them to keep their staff and customers fully informed.

As well as supplying information distribution and presentation tools, Nexus Alpha also provides business intelligence, analysis and performance reporting so that clients can measure all aspects and impacts of service disruption and service disruption reporting.

Nexus Alpha supplies control room systems for manual and automated data capture, managed services and Apps. The next generation system, ARRAKIS, brings together all the information we capture and transmit, as Big Data, and is a SaaS supply.








No. of staff Apps deployed across the UK Rail Sector
No. of TyrellCheck Users across the UK Rail Sector
No. of SMS alerts delivered to staff and customers in 2018
No. of JourneyCheck pages served during 2018


With over two decades of experience in the UK Rail sector, our team of Software Engineers and Data Analysts provide intelligent and automated software systems, ensuring your business has the tools, technology and innovation it needs.   As well as providing the ARRAKIS SaaS platform, Nexus Alpha has the vision, creativity and expertise to develop and produce bespoke services, real-time analytics and visual presentations of information using data from across the Transport Sector and other third-party data providers. 

Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to provide solutions to improve operational performance, streamline processes, bring business efficiency and enhance customer experience.  We are here to listen, understand and develop solutions.

Crew working in the ARRAKIS Staff App for CrossCountry

Working with Worldline, Nexus Alpha developed an interface to the Intergrale system to obtain crew working data for CrossCountry.  This interface provides automated service notification in the ARRAKIS App.  When a member of staff logs into the App, the App uses the user credentials to automatically download the services the user is working on. The App would then target real-time disruption notifications based on targeted, personalised disruption information for staff.


Developing an interface with the Televic PIS via the Siemens COM@RL interface to provide real time information on board the Thameslink Siemens Class 700 trains.  Nexus Alpha also developed a new UI allowing GTR to upload images, safety messages, changes to trains and station facilities, as well as TfL data ensuring customers received up-to-the-minute information.

The ARRAKIS Big Data Store provides complete flexibility, efficiency and enables us to “cherry pick” and utilise the data that is important to you. We are actively working with clients on other development projects.  Details will be published as and when new services are taken live. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Our Hardware

All our Hardware is supplied by our sister company – Nexus Alpha LPS​


ARIADNE provides a better way for the visually impaired to navigate and obtain information about the sites they are visiting. It’s a unique combination: it’s tactile, and it speaks. It might look normal (which means it works for sighted users too) but its key features are raised on the surface so they can be read by touch. And as they’re touched, speech is triggered, not just providing basic location information, but allowing for live, up to date information.


Off-grid but still very much integrated, we designed highly optimised ultra low power equipment with a single guiding principle: working off-grid should not compromise performance. Our off-grid systems are designed to stay online all day, every day, to support full audio, and not have to be woken up for use. Fitting seamlessly into the overall system – they’re just another sign, which happens not to need grid power.


All Nexus Alpha LPS displays are intelligent: they talk to our servers over secure VPN links and are always on. Whether they connect via fixed wire, mobile networks or even satellite, the result is they are always up to date. With on board memory and data management, data is sent once and stored, ensuring the displays can operate if the comms network fails. Integrated design keeps the displays running and operational at all times.

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