The Journey

Begins With Us

Find out more about Nexus Alpha – including wellbeing, our values and what our employees think about working here – as well as current and upcoming vacancies and opportunities within the company.

About Us

At Nexus Alpha we treat and value all our employees as individuals, everyone is an integral part of the team. You will be valued, encouraged, supported and given the opportunity to reach your full potential throughout your time with us.

Our employee’s wellbeing is hugely important, and we strive to offer the best balance of “inside work” and “outside work” as we can. We aim to always improve employee happiness and retention

We have a Wellbeing Committee in place who offer support to all employees through a variety of schemes. Find out more here

Our Values


We value individuality, personality and the ability to be yourselves. Everybody is different. Diversity is to be celebrated.


We strive to help each other grow and learn; Adopting an non-blame culture to empower employees to lead and make decisions.


We treat each other with respect and listen to each other’s viewpoints – enabling us to make the best decisions as a collective.


We value self-awareness, integrity, honesty and openness at all times; this approach builds both business and personal success.