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Laura Goldsmith

Laura Goldsmith

Talent, Inclusivity & Wellbeing Lead

My Role at Nexus Alpha

My role is broad! I look after resource and staff retention which covers leading on diversity and inclusion, learning and development, employee wellbeing & internal communications.
I do this in part-time hours whilst balancing life as a parent! I love my role, I enjoy getting to know people properly within the company and building relationships. My goal is to lead continuous improvement. Companies are the people within them, and therefore it is everybody who works for us that creates what Nexus Alpha is – the output, the culture, etc. My job is to steer – but to steer by utilising the skills and commitment of everybody working with us. Aligning the needs of our clients and our employees is the key, ensuring we provide value to our clients and therefore remain a sustainable (a key word for us in all sense) business.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work

Far too many things! I love cold water swimming… it clears my mind and takes me away from any screen! Being outdoors and in water is my happy place. I also love listening to music, and I’m pretty I couldn’t exist without it.

My fun fact

I once took part in a sea swimming challenge in Tenby, during the race I was stung on the face by a jellyfish. It made me swim faster!