Cookie Policy

We use cookies across our Nexus Alpha site to help improve performance, to enhance the user experience and to support some key site functionality. Which cookies we use, and what we use them for is detailed below.

Cookies and Cookie Types

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit. They allow the website to do things such as keep track of your preferences as you move around the site so that we can personalise pages for you and store little bits of information about your visit so these can be stored for your future visits. Cookies stay on your computer for varying amounts of time depending on their type and the parameters the website sets whilst creating them.

Cookies come in three different types. The cookies themselves vary very little between the types but their effect and use is different.

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are created by the website you are visiting. They can only be read and used by that website.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are not set by the website you are visiting. They are set by a different organisation whose features are being used by the website you are visiting. This is common practice if sites use analytical systems supplied by a third party (as most are) to track the usage and load on their website. These may also be created by embedded content in the web page, a YouTube video for instance, as these need their own cookies to work.

A third party cookie may also be used by an advertising provider to track your usage of the website and to customise the adverts you receive. As you move between sites that use the same advertising provider, these cookies can allow the provider to track you across these various sites and gain an insight into your internet usage. This website, nor the embedded sites that we provide to clients, do not make use of cookies in this way.

Session Cookies

These enable a website to track your use throughout the site, storing choices you have made and any information you have provided. They are a type of first party cookie that only remain stored on your computer until you close your browser when they are then deleted.

Personal Information We Collect

We collect some personal information about yourself or your device. Here is what we collect:

  • Any emails or other communications that you send to us, including any inquiries or feedback
  • Information from your use of the Services or Users’ sites. Includes: IP addresses, preferences, information about your browser, network or device (such as browser type and version, operating system, internet service provider, preference settings, unique device IDs and language and other regional settings), information about how you interact with the Services and our Users’ sites (such as timestamps, clicks, scrolling, browsing times, searches, transactions, referral pages, load times, and problems you may encounter, such as loading errors).

How We Use The Personal Information

  • Communicate with you: we use your email to reply back to any of your queries as well as feedback.

Cookies We Use

  • gadwp_wg_default_metric, gadwp_wg_default_dimension, gadwp_wg_default_swmetric: These cookies use a fraction of the data that is collected by Google Analytics cookies (see below) and is used by system administrators.
  • _ga, _gat, _gid: We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage statistics for this website to allow us to monitor trends and loading’s. These cookies are used by Google Analytics to help perform this function. Further details on Google Analytics and the cookies it sets is available here.
  • WordPress_test_cookie:WordPress sets this cookie when you navigate to our Client Area. The cookie is used to check whether your web browser is set to allow, or reject cookies

Disabling Cookies

You can block the cookies and we want to ensure that your privacy concerns are addressed. If you do want to stop cookies being stored on your device, you’ll need to change the settings of your internet browser. Each browser has settings which allow you to choose not to allow websites to store cookies on your machine. As each browser is a little different, we advise you to check your browsers help functionality for this option or search for instructions that are specific to your browser.

If you choose to disable cookies, some aspects of this website may not function as intended.