The Journey

Begins With Us

Find out more about Nexus Alpha – including wellbeing, our values and what our employees think about working here – as well as current and upcoming vacancies and opportunities within the company.

About Us

At Nexus Alpha we treat and value all our employees as individuals, everyone is an integral part of the team. You will be valued, encouraged, supported and given the opportunity to reach your full potential throughout your time with us.

Our employee’s wellbeing is hugely important, and we strive to offer the best balance of “inside work” and “outside work” as we can. We aim to always improve employee happiness and retention

We have a Wellbeing Committee in place who offer support to all employees through a variety of schemes. Find out more below.

The Wellbeing Committee

The Nexus Alpha Wellbeing Committee was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to support all of our employees whilst working remotely. We introduced some new ways of working to encourage our employees to prioritise their own wellbeing:

Protect Lunch

Whilst working remotely, it is easy to miss taking a lunch break. We implemented a company-wide 1 hour lunch break and encouraged employees to schedule meetings accordingly.


Give Me 10

Back to back on-screen meetings are not very natural, everyone needs a break from the screen. We implemented a limited meeting slot, at 20-minutes or 50-minutes. This enabled a break between meetings and continues to have a positive impact!


Flex for Families

Some of our routines and responsibilities have been unpredictable and different over the last few years! We have fully supported all our employees by allowing flexibility to manage family life and responsibilities and work around each other.


A Little Extra

The effect of Covid-19 on the economy has been significant and has affected us all in different ways.
As a practical offer for partners and family members of our employees, Laura Goldsmith – our recruitment manager – has offered one-to-one support sessions including CV reviews and guidance and advice on completing job applications.

Our Values


We value individuality, personality and the ability to be yourselves. Everybody is different. Diversity is to be celebrated.


We strive to help each other grow and learn; Adopting an non-blame culture to empower employees to lead and make decisions.


We treat each other with respect and listen to each other’s viewpoints – enabling us to make the best decisions as a collective.


We value self-awareness, integrity, honesty and openness at all times; this approach builds both business and personal success.


We value our employee’s health and wellbeing, and actively encourage several ‘ways of working’ that promote the importance of balance to ensure our employees stay physically and mentally healthy & happy.


We pride ourselves on exploring and pursuing new ideas using the latest software development tools and ways in which we work.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We pride ourselves on being a diverse and Inclusive company, but we also know there is always more we can do.
We plan to continuously improve our Diversity and Inclusion by Listening, Learning & Changing.

Listening to what people of different age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and religion have to say.
Learning by being open-minded; asking questions and taking responsibility to educate ourselves, as individuals and as a company.
Changing with a willingness to make change; finding practical ways to put changes into action and make it happen.

Keeping Social

Find out more about what Nexus Alpha and our employees have been doing to keep social. You can also follow our Wellbeing Page on Instagram (below).


Nexus Alpha is an official Apprenticeship provider; we believe Apprenticeships are an exciting option which can benefit both the Apprentice and our organisation. Apprenticeships provide a route to career where you can learn, gain valuable work experience and obtain a recognised qualification. They are available at multiple levels, from school leavers, college leavers, current employees upskilling, and complete career changes. Apprenticeships provide a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled, diverse and qualified workforce.

We have recently launched our first Degree Apprenticeship in partnership with the University of West London.

The Journey Begins With Us

If you are interested in working with us, please see our current vacancies below to see if we have anything to suit your interests and skills. However, if you would like to find out more about a specific opportunity; we would be happy to hear from you. You can contact us using the form below.

AGENCIES: We aren’t currently using agencies. If you wish to send your details for future reference, please feel free to send your details to but please don’t expect a reply at this time. We will contact you if we have requirements at a later stage.

Current Vacancies

Join Our Talent Pool

If you cannot see the role or opportunity you are looking for, you can join our Talent Pool. To do this please send your CV and cover email/letter to explain what your interests are and what kind of role you would be interested in. We will then keep your CV & details on file and contact you if anything suitable comes up in the future.

Future opportunities may include:
• Apprenticeship Schemes
• Student Placement Years
• Paid Internships
• Graduate Roles
• Junior and Senior Software Developers (ARRAKIS Portal and App)