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The ARRAKIS Portal is the new web-based gateway to services provided as part of the ARRAKIS Suite. Company Dashboard, Company Messages and Company Summary are just three of the services already available, with new services being developed all the time – including Historical View and Company Administration.
Making the right decisions for your business just got a whole lot easier.




The ARRAKIS Dashboard provides you with a fully customisable view of your network’s status. Combining views of CSL2 Boards, Rainbow Boards, TfL Line Status and your Current Messages so you can quickly see all of the information you need in one beautiful screen allowing you to make decisions faster and more precisely.

The ARRAKIS Dashboard provides huge flexibility around the viewing experience too with multiple layout options, window-resizing, and quick-refresh of your most important information.

Viewing Panels

Quick access to CSL2 Board, Rainbow Board, TfL Line Status and Current Message data.

Reset View

Return your viewing panels to their original size and layout with the click of a button.

Alert Settings

Keep up to date with the number of CSL2 messages that have been sent within your chosen time frame.




Current Messages is a key feature of the ARRAKIS Dashboard and allows a user to see all active messages as well as any messages that have expired in the last 24 hours. It also includes the new Group Messages feature.

The user interface provides huge flexibility too, not only in the way that the message windows can be arranged, but also allowing for multiple tabs and filter views too. With powerful filtering, dynamic iconography and truly flexible viewing options, Current Messages is an incredibly useful addition to the ARRAKIS Portal platform.

ARRAKIS Portal 7

Flexible Viewing

Arrange windows, view multiple tabs and filter views for your own custom experience.

Dynamic Iconography

Clear, dynamic iconography means you’ll always be clear of the status of your messages.

Dynamic Iconography

Clear, dynamic iconography means you’ll always be clear of the status of your messages.




Historical Messages in the ARRAKIS Portal can provide up to 180 days of messaging history – not only for your own business but also for other businesses too. With powerful in-built filtering you can quickly search for and review historically sent messages and all versions of those individual messages.

Searching between specific times, routes, user groups and message type allows you to accurately pinpoint the information you’re looking for.

Historical view new type size

Easy Incident Review

Quickly search back through your message history using powerful filtering and clear iconography.

180 Day History

6 months of messages are available for viewing, meaning you can track and review your full message history.

Full Messaging Audit

Arrange windows, view multiple tabs and filter views for your own custom experience.




Company Summary in the ARRAKIS Portal provides a dashboard overview of App and Portal user statistics across your whole business. The Company Summary view is split into two parts with user licensing information on the left and timescale searchable data on the right. With the level of granularity on view, your business will be able to track that App and Portal usage is at its most efficient. Further to this, you can also download a full active user report to a chosen timescale providing further analytical benefits.

ARRAKIS Portal Administration Company Summary

Policy Overview

View assigned and unassigned policy information for your company at a glance.

Daily Usage

Track app and portal usage between any two dates and download reports for reference.

Detailed Analytics

Recall individual user information for App and Portal including login numbers and search history.




Company Messages in the ARRAKIS Portal allow you to create, view, edit and update messages you have already sent in real-time, allowing you to keep your team up to date with any additional information they may need. Multiple attachments enable extra information to be provided to those receiving the messages. In-built expiry times, Pinned or Broadcast priority levels, geo-location and Group targeting mean that your messages will go to exactly who you want them to.

ARRAKIS-Portal-Service-Management New edit option broadcast

Message Creation

Quickly build your content-rich message using the template and parameters provided. 

Message Targeting

Specify your message target using specific variables from selected routes, locations and groups. 

Live Message View

Lets you view and edit the content, version and location of your recent messages, providing full control.

We’re ALWAYS Improving

All of the above is what’s available now or has shipped with ARRAKIS Portal – but we were only just getting started.
Since releasing this version we’ve been hard at work developing and building new features that will be released in the coming months. Our aim, as always, is to create the most feature-rich and truly useful staff-based software ever made. aim, as always, is to create the most feature-rich and truly useful staff-based app that’s ever been held in a hand.