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Platform ARRAKIS

The ARRAKIS platform is our 5th generation messaging system, bringing together all of the services we provide via a common, modern platform, sharing data throughout.

Together, with over a decade of historic service disruption and complete messaging statistics, the ARRAKIS ‘Big Data’ service continually receives real-time information from the existing network of Nexus Alpha data capture systems (including Tyrell IO and ARRAKIS Company Messages). In addition, data is also sourced from third-party systems (some of which ARRAKIS also supplies data to) including TfL Open Data, Network Rail Open Data, Network Rail IPTS and Darwin. A number of interfaces with third party industry service providers have also been developed, which support some of the services we have developed, including CIS, PIS, Capacity Checking, Delay Attribution and Crew and Stock data services.

ARRAKIS data services allows any combination of information and associated messages to downstream systems via a series of micro-services.



There are a number of different top-level service elements that together form the ARRAKIS platform – but at the heart of ARRAKIS is data – both real-time and historic. This data come from other Nexus Alpha systems as well as industry, and third-party systems with micro-services allowing data to be imported, processed and exported, with different workflows controlling trigger events and content.

Access to ARRAKIS (both to view information and to add content) using a web browser is via the ARRAKIS Portal, whereas Access to ARRAKIS (again both to view information and to add content) via a mobile device or tablet,
is via the ARRAKIS App.


Big Data

With Tyrell IO installed in virtually all TOC and Network Rail Controls, ARRAKIS is able to capture a continual flow of real-time disruption information. And with a vast quantity of data from over a decade of disruption messaging along with operational messaging from across the UK rail sector (such as crowding, crew resource, train Unit, timetabling and movement data) we combine all this with other third-party sourced information, allowing us to build fully integrated services on top of rich content.

Arrakis Network



We’ve already developed a number of MicroServices that interface with third party services.
As well as basic services which allow for data import and data export, more advanced contract services have been developed as well. For example, a service is provided to TfW which allows their web agency to obtain a list of service times for services running between two locations on a particular day of the week – this is derived from the next week of services). This was then integrated within our Crowding App.
Bespoke ARRAKIS MicroServices can be developed as required.



The ARRAKIS Portal is the web gateway to a range of different services provided as part of the ARRAKIS suite. Core services include Company Dashboard (a view of network wide disruption), Company Messages (allowing for the uploading of messages and attachments for display on the Company Dashboard and in the App),
and Company Summary – which details the use of the Portal Services and ARRAKIS App within your business.
Additional ARRAIS Portal services are constantly being developed by our teams.

The ARRAKIS App was the first service launched as part of the platform, with the core services showing cross-industry disruption, including multiple filterable message views; CLS2 statuses, where relevant; TfL rainbow boards and service disruption; CSL2 statuses and Darwin Live Staff Departure Boards.

Two paid service functions have also been developed including Crew Working – where notifications are automatically sent when services the individual is working that day are disrupted – and Delay Attribution, which allows for staff inputting live information as to the reasons for a services delay.
Additional ARRAIS App services are constantly being developed by our teams.


Optimised for rapid data capture and messaging, Tyrell IO can distribute nationwide information in seconds. Messaging includes free format and structured options with complete flexibility. Event and situation data can be rapidly entered, a large number of downstream systems automatically populated with data or formatted content as a result.

Unplanned Station, Route and Train disruption comprise the core Tyrell IO outputs, driving core downstream systems that used by the UK Rail sector, and ensuring a free flow of information between train operators, Network Rail and other public transport operators.

With access to real-time and historical data, Tyrell IO shares a rail topological database with other Nexus Alpha systems, giving complete route awareness when it comes to the impact of service disruption.


All disruption information direct from your Control to your customers in seconds. Provided to the customer of the majority of TOCs, Journeycheck is scaled to meet the most exceptional levels of demand – JourneyCheck is the trusted services used by customers around. Route, service and station disruption is integrated with Darwin Live Departure Boards. All information can be filtered by location.


With JourneyCheck, integrating your branding is easy and simple – the service appears integrated with your own website, with consistent headers and footers. Personalising JourneyCheck to your own brand helps to drive customers to your website when they are looking for service information, maximising exposure to marketing campaigns and ensuring you can build a long term customer relationship directly.