The Future

ARRAKIS provides the most complete feature set that’s ever been released in a staff-based app. Staff LDB, CSL2 Boards and Your Services keep you fully informed with up-to-the-second notifications but now we’re adding Filtered Message Lists, Message Groups and more so you can tailor the information you want to view in every situation.
Touch the Future of Transport Information with the ARRAKIS App.

Arrakis APP

Message Groups

If you’re part of a pre-defined user group (configured via the ARRAKIS Portal) these filter options will automatically be visible.
You will see all user group messages automatically.

Arrakis APP

Enhanced User Interface

From the first days of the ARRAKIS App, we’ve worked hard to make sure that it is as intuitive to use and as beautiful to look at as possible. With ARRAKIS App 4.0, we’ve provided a huge update to the functionality and visuals presented on screen. The new layout provides more space for more information, clearer visuals for focused clarity and an increased focus on the ‘dark look’ providing increased contrast.

ARRAKIS Featured Widgets

Filtered Message Lists

Filtered Message Lists have new and improved features and a refreshed user interface for the latest release of the ARRAKIS App.

Filtered Message Lists enable you to create multiple filtered lists that can include different operators, different types of message, different message statuses and with the latest release, specific pre-defined user groups.

Filtered Message Lists means you can be certain you’ll only be viewing the messages you need to see.

Your Hub

Your Hub allows you to have links to all of your internal company resources, built into the heart of the ARRAKIS App.

With many companies now using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer, we’ve provided these widgets by default. They just need to be configured…

We also offer the ability to design custom widgets as well, meaning you can have other apps or websites you need to access, easily reachable without having to leave ARRAKIS.

Delay Attribution

ARRAKIS Delay Attribution allows you to quickly identify and relay the reason why a service may be running late.

Using a simple table and tile format, you are able to input the relevant information before selecting the reason from pre-defined lists that have been broken down into individual tiled categories. You can add your own additional information in the plain text box before submitting these details back to your Control.

ARRAKIS Core Features

Authenticated Login

Staff LDB

Your Services

CSL2 Boards

Rainbow Boards

TfL Line Services

In-App Notifications

Filtered Messages

Your Hub

Authenticated Logins

We have made logging into the ARRAKIS App as straightforward as possible by enabling you to use your standard company credentials.

Once logged in, you will remain so until you choose to log out.

Staff LDB

ARRAKIS Staff Live Departure Boards give you access to train details, full calling patterns and any disruption messages affecting a chosen service. Not only can you quickly search by Station Name and CRS code, but also by headcode, with details of your own TOC services always shown with a coloured bar next to them.

You can even ask to be notified about selected services, simply by pressing the ‘notify’ bell next to the service.

Once you’ve performed a search you simply tap into any shown service for further information. This includes the full calling pattern, with an indication as to where the train is in real time and any associated Tyrell IO messages relating to service, line or station issues.

CSL2 Boards

ARRAKIS CSL2 Boards provide you with an instant snapshot of what
is happening with your chosen list of TOCs.

This means that in times of major disruption, staff can avoid sending their own customers to another TOC who are also experiencing severe disruption.

TfL Line Status

ARRAKIS TfL Line Status provides an overview of the whole TfL network as to how well the different Underground Lines and other operations are performing.

This is based on real-time updates, allowing you to pass valuable information to customers interchanging between National Rail and TfL services.

Your Services

The Your Services widget is a central repository for all of the services
you may be interested in and want to receive notifications about.

Split into three sections, Your Services combines automatically delivered headcodes, that relate to the services you are working on that day; Working Services that you can manually add that you may be catching on a specific day and Notify Me Services that are the services in Staff Live Departure Boards that you have selected to be notified about.

Your Services can also provide information for businesses that have multiple TOCs as part of their group.

Rainbow Boards

ARRAKIS Rainbow Boards provide a network and route overview as to how well services on routes are performing based on real-time updates, allowing you to pass summary information onto customers making connecting journe

We’re ALWAYS Improving

All of the above shipped with the latest version of the ARRAKIS App – but we’re only just getting started.
Since releasing this version we’ve been hard at work developing and building new features that will be released in the coming months. Our aim, as always, is to create the most feature-rich and truly useful staff-based app that’s ever been held in a hand.